We Dream The Future

A Video Project For Youth Ages 12 – 22

How To Video

Many phones have decent video cameras, Flip Cameras also work well. You can also use any mini DV home video camera, or your webcam.

A few notes about how to get good interviews:
-Don’t ever have the sun behind your subject, it will make them look like a silhouette
-Make them feel comfortable, talk out their ideas with them first so they don’t feel nervous and so that they have their words clear and don’t need to ramble. Usually you can mirror their ideas back at them with statements like “So what it sounds like you are saying is…”
-Backdrops can tell a story too, so pick diverse backgrounds that tell about where you are, maybe some local nature behind you, maybe a school locker, maybe a city street, things like that
-Have them say the questions out loud and refrain from having your voice in the video. So that there isn’t an invisible voice asking the questions. example: “My dream for the future is…” “and 1 thing I will need to do in order to make that happen is…”
-Sometimes kids mistake the question with “What do you wanna be when you grow up?” But what we are asking (though it is similar) is different than that. Its’ not what do you wanna BE, its about what you wanna DO… Make sense?
-Try to pick a place where there isn’t too much background noise
-If you do it right, you shouldn’t need to edit the interview at all, and it should be pretty short and concise (30-45 seconds)
-If you have editing software and the opportunity to place www.wedreamthefuture.com as a credit at the end of your video that would also be wonderful though it is not a requirement

Then Submit Your Video to We Dream The Future and tell your friends to tune in!